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Description:   Swing-Search tool to effectively search among a list of strings and open a corresponding webpage in a browser. It was originally designed to quickly search all titles of pages that are stored in a Wiki.

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LIUS (Lucene Index Update and Search) The development of this project has ended. Please take a look to Constellio Enterprise Search. Constellio is based on Apache Solr, Apache Tika, and google search appliance connectors.

MaxFisher - Personal search engine MaxFisher is a powerful and convenient search engine for personal computers and intranets. MaxFisher can be thought of as a cross platform, secure and private replacement for Google Desktop.

OpenCms Lucene search module A Lucene-based search module for OpenCms, an open source content management system, written in Java.

P2P WIKI - collaborative edition WOOKI is a peer-to-peer wiki. It based on unstructured p2P network with data replication. WOOT framework synchronizes data. SWOOKI is a semantic extenion of WOOKI. It is implemented as a plugin of WOOKI. SWOOKI is peer-to-peer semantic wiki.

Perki (Wiki document sharing) Perki is a Wiki system featuring categories, "featured" documents, user management with a number of permissions, and document versioning with handy diffs between versions. Lightweight but versatile, it can solve a variety of information-sharing needs.

Package Search - Search a missing package or classes inside jars.- Buscador de paquetes o clases java. search package inside jarbasic funtionalityfuncionalidad basica busca paquetes y clases dentro de ficheros JAR.

Preferred Stock Search Application A Preferred Stock search and evaluation application which utilizes data from both and to present accurate, current preferred stock information.

TitiWiki - Light and flexible Wiki Basically, as it's name says, TitiWiki is another Wiki, among tons of them on the market ;) TitiWiki is a lightweight, easy to use and install PHP / MySQL based Wiki. It is designed to be standalone or easilly integrated in other projects as a ...

GeboGebo Wiki GeboGebo is a modern Wiki system running with a local tdbengine database structure. This allows it to use indexed fulltext search, AutoLink, realtime backlinks and fast page retrieval. Other features are: Plugins, Static page generation, namespaces, 3-le

ProWiki wiki engine ProWiki is a wiki engine in Perl. Wiki configuration is done in subpages, so parts of a hierarchical wiki can have their own layouts and access rights. Independent as sub-wiki such wiki parts have their own wiki index, recent changes and search focus.

Wiki-Aid Wiki-Aid is for the editors of Wikipedia who want to help revert vandalism without having lots of page edits already. Therefore it is less powerful than current tools but requires no editing of your monobook.js!

WikiAlerter WikiAlerter is a program, written in C# .NET, designed to aid Wikipedia users in tagging pages for deletion, and admins in deleting them. It supports usage of AfD, PROD, CSD and AIV. Easy new page patrollingCSD, AfD, and ProD taggingDeletion of pages under ProD, CSD, ...

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